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Top 10 tools for social media marketing

Tools for Social media marketing- In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 social media apps that can help you market your brand properly on social media.

1.Oze guru is used for tracking your money inflow and outflow, basically, oze does all your calculation I call it “ACCOUNTING MASTER” it helps you manage all your transactions and you get to know how the company expenses are being fared to, oze is the right one for you!

2.QUORA is a platform for gaining knowledge it connects you with people in various areas of life, you can ask questions and get answers on quora, it doesn’t matter what kind of question, there is always an answer to your question.

This is a very good tool for your business, you can always ask questions concerning your brand and get answers”

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 Hootsuite It helps you organize and manage all your social media accounts in one place, you can also schedule when to post content. You can set a particular content to when you want it and this will increase your social media management.

4.ASANA is for project management, with asana you can easily stay focused and connected with your team members and carry out tasks before deadlines, I definitely recommend this anytime. it is a tool you need for social media marketing.


When it comes to editing and creating images for your brand, the canvas is the best tool all you need to do is and font and colors to the templates.

6.SLACK it allows you to extend the capability of your brand, you can schedule a consultation with experts on slack, one major advantage of slack is, it is “A Platform For Learning”

Especially for brands in the digital space, this is a good tool for social media marketing.


It helps you connect with your customers easily, it monitors any conversation concerning your brand and points you to your potential customers.

8.PLACEIT This tool is similar to “canvas” but also very different, with placeit there are many templates available for gaming, t-shirt, animation and many other templates you’ll find on this tool for social media marketing. It is very good for design.


I’ll definitely recommend buffer as a tool for social media marketing, it helps the brand to drive engagement and results on social media, it also allows team collaborations, making work more efficient. is highly recommended and helpful.

10.SENDIBLE Is built to help agencies and brands, it provides you with automation, it has very easy features that help customize your dashboard and attract new clients. its an amazing tools for social media marketing.

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