6 Actionable Tips To Improve Your CV in (2020)

6 Actionable tips to improve your cv in (2020)
6 Actionable tips to improve your cv in (2020)

CV (also known as curriculum vitae) is one of the things many employers of labor considered before giving out jobs. For this reason, it is essential to not only know how to write a good cv but to make it perfect. Well, writing a cv is not always the problem because almost all the computer centers in Nigeria have samples of already made CVs which they simply edit when making one for their customers.

The curx of this article is to educate you on some of the tips to improve your CV and makes it more attractive to employers than a normal drafted CV in computer center. I highly encourage professionals like lawyers, Economists, Accountants etc to pay good attention to every information contained in this article.

tips to improve your CV
tips to improve your CV

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6 Actionable tips to improve your CV in Nigeria

1. Run a spell or grammar check: Many recruiters have stated it clearly that typographical errors are one of the reasons why they dismiss some job seekers. Thus, if you want to attract your employers you have to make sure that they don’t have a negative thought about you just by going through your cv.

There are many online tools that can help you do this but I personally recommend Grammarly. It is a tool that helps you to check for grammatical errors and typographical errors in your work. The striking thing is that, Grammarly is currently free and easy to use by anyone. It will point out those mistakes in your cv and tell you where to make corrections.

2. Use the appropriate file name: People usually make the mistake of saving their CV with anything they have in mind and sending it to employers. It may not be a requirement that will be made known to you by the employers, but since they expect you to be professional, it will be deemed that you have failed the test of being professional.

Even though the content of the CV is the most important thing, the name you give the file could go a long way in creating a positive first impression. Thus, you must avoid names like “my cv” or “CV new” when saving your CV.

3. Delete clinch adjectives: Most times it is better to act than to talk. By acting employers will be able to see you; and I you know, seeing is believing. You must avoid telling your writing in your cv that you are hardworking, passionate, detailed-oriented etc. However, talk is cheap. You should rather focus on showing it than telling it.

4. Update your personal details: It will be very unfortunate if the employer of a company where you submitted your CV tries to call you and he is told that your number is not reachable. It happens a lot of time and that is why i mentioned it here. Most people don’t care about updating their CV after changing their phone numbers and emails that it is one of the reasons why many people are still not employed.

Before submitting your CV in any organization or company, make sure that you update all your personal information starting from your address to your phone number, email etc.

5. Make it readable: Another big mistake that I noticed in the CV of most Nigerians is that, thay are not readable. Now, imagine that 1,000 persons sent their CV to a law firm for the same position you applied for. But when it was time for the employers to go through your CV, they can’t read it because of the small font size that was used or due to the use of unnecessary text formatting tools.

Obviously, the employers are not going to waste even a minute on your CV because it is not even readable.

So you see, you must make your CV easy for someone to glance through it. Do not cramp many sentences into the pages. Be consistent with your spacing, font, font size etc.

6. As a friend to Go through it for you: Sometimes, it is easy to make mistakes and still don’t notice them because you made the mistake yourself and that is why you must call someone to help you go through it. In this case, I prefer you take it to someone who can really give you clues about what the job you are looking for demands from job seekers.

Alternatively, you can get the perspective of a friend. Simply take it to an educated friend and ask him to give you his candid opinion about the CV.

These are just some of the tips that can change the look of your CV and make it exceptional in the eyes of employers. In Nigeria getting a job requires a lot of effort and sometimes, only those who are outstanding in one way or the other succeeds. With the tips I have shared in this work, you should be able to get the attention of 97% of employers.

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