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How To Add Spaces To Your Instagram Bio And Caption

spacing in instagram posts
spacing in instagram posts

Instagram has become one of my favorite social media platforms, on Instagram, there are various content, videos, and so on.’Spacing in instagram posts- Have you ever experienced not being able to add space to your bio or caption? Hashtags, texts everything becomes inseparable, say NO more.

In this article, I am going to show you how to add spaces to your bio and caption

Adding spaces in your Instagram caption is important, with a well-written caption with spaces in the right place your followers can easily read and engage with your post.

Ready? Let’s go for it

How to add space in Instagram caption


You’re reading this post right now because you’ve tried adding space to your Instagram caption and it didn’t work

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There are various methods you can use to add space to your Instagram caption

1.Write from your notepad

When writing on Instagram directly and you try to add space within the caption when you post it will automatically remove the spaces.

To do this, open your notes on your phone, then type out your Instagram caption

Once your caption is done, copy it and paste it in your Instagram caption

Here is a trick, don’t add space after the last sentence avoid adding space again, try using FULL STOP

2. Use Symbols

Using symbols you can write directly on the Instagram app, its the easiest way to add space to your Instagram bio and caption

Spacing to instagram posts you can use symbols like dash-, period, or emojis , now there is a little problem with using symbols, it will be visible which might be viable for some people

In the image above, you’ll notice point was used, it helped inseperating the texts, you can also use this.

3. Use Line Breaking App

Instagram Spacing App is another way to add space to your captions,

Here are simple steps to get the app

-Download on iOS or Playstore

-Start typing your caption in the app how you want it to appear on instagram.

We have GramSpacer, Insta-Space, and many other apps.

Spacing your Instagram posts helps improve readability, these steps can guide you in adding space to your Instagram caption.

Now, what do you think about spacing in Instagram posts?

Which of them have you used before, and have you tried any of these method are you going to start using now? Let me know in the comment section.

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