List of website to convert airtime to cash

airtime to cash
list of website to convert airtime to cash

List of website to Convert airtime to cash, keeping to my promise I decided to give you guys another one websites to use, this particular post is dedicated to those that always disturb us after they mistakenly recharge 50,000 instead of 5000 so I decided to compile list of website that can help you, this will be very short and easy.

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Check out:

1.AIMTOGET- ‘Drumrolls” Number 1 on our list is it is very effective and fast in 5 minutes you’ll have gotten your airtime converted.Aimtoget to cash will help you convert airtime to cash and they would still pay you 80% cash after conversion you can us the link above to reach their website.

2. IPAYAIRTIME- Ipayairtime accept airtime in exchange for cash, you input your phone number and amount of airtime in exchange for cash, there are reviews on their website and I’m sure you’ll find it helpful

3.CHEETAHPAY- Another site in Nigeria just deposit airtime then when approved you can withdraw cash.

4.AIRTIMEFLIP- It’s also possible money deposited in your bank account www.airtimeflip  you can also try this site, following the simple steps in the site, you can also use airtime to purchase items on this site

5.Hmm your fifth option is to go and make noise on whatsapp, disturb everyone on your status until you’re able to gather your money back, but this is considered very stressful and disturbing because not everyone would need airtime at such time and they probably won’t purchase from you, so the best advice is to visit any of this site and convert your airtime to money without stressing yourself and your friends.

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