How To Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria From Scratch

How to start bulk sms business in nigeria
How to start bulk sms business in nigeria

Bulk SMS business is one of the top 10 businesses you can do without necessarily going out. It is a very lucrative business if you are smart and if you know the ups and downs of the business very well. In fact, I have heard people who testify of how they made about N300,000 naira in just one month selling bulk SMS.

At first, I thought it was a hype, but when my own close friend told me the secret, it became a surprise. The idea behind bulk SMS is that, both you and the buyer such as churches and other organizations will benefit from it. You will benefit buy selling to those organizations and they too will benefit by reaching out to people for lower cost. As we continue I will disclose more information about the nature of Bulk SMS business in Nigeria and how one can make good money out of it.

How To Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

    How To Start Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria


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What is bulk SMS reselling

Bulk SMS reselling is a way of reaching out to high amount of persons by sending them messages from the internet to their phones. The idea of bulk SMS came as a way to reduce to cost of sending messages from one network to another which is usually more expensive.

Let us take for instance, the general cost of sending a message to someone using a SIM is N4. Conversely, the cost of sending that message to 1,000,000 persons will be about N4,000,000. However, if you make sure of a company that offers bulk SMS service, you are not going to spend that amount. This is why it is preferable to send messages to a large number of persons through bulk SMS.

To start this business, all you need to have is a tablet, laptop or a computer, stable internet connection and a website. As we continue, i will now show you how to start your own bulk SMS business in Nigeria.

How to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria

Step 1: Create your own website: It is essential to create your own website because it makes your business look professional and also expose you to more client in the internet. A website also allows your clients to understand the structure of your business. Take for instance, if you check out bulk SMS websites like, you notice that they explain everything about their business there.

In the website, you will also find their logo, blog on bulk SMS and some helpful tips on how to pay for their service and how efficient the company is. Creating a website will cost you about N6,000 or more depending on the design and quality of the website.

Step 2: Find a reliable wholesale seller: Now you have to look for a reliable Bulk SMS Wholesaler for your business. It can be very difficult to find something that is really reliable so I recommend that you check Google. Search for bulk SMS Wholesaler that has good reviews and comments from users.

But good reviews is not the only thing you should look out for. Also check whether they are affordable and whether you can continue using them with the kind of budget you have.

Step 3: Purchase your custom SMS unit: Just as it is the channel of distribution, you need to purchase your own SMS unit which you will now sell to your customers. The price is not static so I can’t tell you any price in this article. Nonetheless, I suggest you should buy at least, 10000 as a start. If you find the business lucrative, you can decide to purchase more units later.

After purchasing this unit, your Wholesaler will deliver them to you through sms and also give you some details.

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Step 4: Promote your business: Another important step is for you to promote your business. If you don’t do this, you might end up not getting any client. So if you want people to know about what you are doing you have to let them know about it. Open a Facebook page and Instagram handle where people can easily connect with you. If you have money, run a Facebook ads that targets your client.

If you do this, you will be able to get results faster and easier than you think.

Step 5: Know your clients and reach out to them: Another way to get results faster is to know your clients and reach out to them. If you know your clients, you will be able to perform even better in this business. Let me give you an instance;

Last week, I received a message on LinkedIn from one particular guy that does this business. He briefly explained the benefits of using bulk SMS and how it is going to reduce expenses considerably for my company.

At the end, I didn’t really patronize his business but I am sure that he got some clients from that message. Frankly speaking, it was a very compelling message and his manner of approach was good.

That is exactly how to make good amount of money from this business. The crux of the business is not just in doing it but in promoting the business.

In conclusion, I must state it again that bulk SMS business is very lucrative, especially now that mobile phone users are on the increase. Many companies and organizations now consider it as a way of reaching out to potential customers. So, if you really think you can do it, don’t hesitate to make your first step. But like I said, the crux of the work is on promoting your business. If you take your time to tell people about your business through all social networks, clients will come looking for you!

Hope this article was helpful? Kindly drop a comment at the comment section if you found this article insightful.

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