How To Make Yourself Attractive to Employers: Six Tips

How to make yourself attractive to employers:Six tips
How to make yourself attractive to employers:Six tips

How to make yourself attractive to employers in 2020: Aside from creating awesome CVs and Cover letters, which i have highlighted in our previous article, there are other things that makes a job seeker more attractive to employers and one of it is interview preparation. Most Nigerian youths don’t know how to really prepare for interviews and it is a problem that must be solved.

Believe it or not, 56% of people who eventually get employed after applying for a job, get it because of how they prepared for their interviews. An opinion poll conducted on twiter also shows that most employers pay attention to interviews because that is one of the ways to know how qualified a person is to work.

Now you may be asking, “How can one prepare for an interview?”. That is exactly what this article was written for. As we continue, i will share with you some interview tips to make your attractive to employers than your competitors.

How To Make Yourself Attractive to Employers: Six Tips
How To Make Yourself Attractive to Employers: Six Tips

How to make yourself attractive to employers

1. Pay more attention to your dressing: A wise man once said that, a person is addressed the way he dresses. If you intend to pass any competitive interview, you must learn to dress good. The way you dress tells the employer a lot about you and how seriously you want the job.

I am emphasizing so much on this because i remember getting an internship opportunity in 2019 just because of my dressing. It was a law firm so I was on corporate wear.

The human resources partner of the firm boldly told me that the reason why i got the internship placement was because of my dressing. So from the way i looked, she could see the desire to work in me.

2. Refresh your memory on the elementary information about your area of study: Yes! You need to be fully engrossed with the fundamental things that concerns the job you are looking for. Lets take for instance, if you want to apply for job as an English teacher, you should known all the topics in English Language which students of certain level should be taught.

Aside from knowing those subjects, you should understand them too. At least, know the basics of them all. Some employers can be tricky. They can even go to the extent of testing to see whether the job seeker really knows what he/she is coming for.

Most times, you will be asked questions about your field of study or the job you intend to secure. For this reason, you should refresh your memory on those things before going.

3. Study likely questions that employers may ask: Anticipating questions is another good way to prepare for interviews. It helps you to buid confidence and esteem to face the employers.

Now, for every job, there is usually some set of questions which employers usually ask. For instance, if you are applying for a job under the civil department of a law firm, you should be able to discuss how to file a matter in court, processes involved in divorce etc.

This is the same for every job, and you must find out those likely questions concerning you job which employers will ask. Study them and prepare to answer them.

4. Know how to address your employers: The way you address people speaks a lot about you too. Apparently, every employer want his employees to be respected. Employers don’t want to make the mistake of employing someone who isn’t respectful.

Conversely, you must learn to be respectful. Always address your employer as “sir” or “ma” depending on the gender of the person.

5. Be confident: Confidence is the key to success in every interview. Even if you don’t have any experience before applying for a job, your confidence can balance that. It will show to your employers that you are a person with high self esteem and ready to work.

Confidence can even make sure employers love you at first site. Your composure, grammar, dressing etc, also contributes to this.

Don’t not be shy. Don’t be afraid to answer a question. Always talk or reply to questions like a professional. Trust me, if you do this, you are already at the verge of passing the interview.

6. Be present before the stipulated time: The truth is, most emplyers what to mingle with only passionate workers, and how early you come for the interview signals to the employer that you are ready to work passionately.

Of course, this may not be a requirement. I am not trying to say that coming early to an interview will guarantee your success. It is just a tactics that tells the employer that, “Amongst all the people who applied for the Job, you are the most serious person who will not play with the job because it is dearest to you”.

This is where i am going to stop for today. There are many other tips that can make a job seeker more attractive to employers and this is just a few of them. From time to time this article will be updated with more tips. Meanwhile, if this article was helpful, don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comment section.

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