How To Make Money as a Nigerian Student

how to make money as a nigerian student
how to make money as a nigerian student

How to make money as a Nigerian Student: Money is essential to everyone. Even students who are still studying in school needs money to pay their fees and other bills. This is why many Nigeria students resort to things like Bitcoin and other online investment schemes to make cash for themselves. Nonetheless, due to the high number of persons flooding those little schemes, many of them crashed and almost all the new scheme presently are owned and managed by fraudsters.

how to make money as a Nigerian student
how to make money as a Nigerian student

The truth is that, if you really want to make good money while in school, you have to find a reliable job. As we continue, i will show you how to make money while in school. It is worthwhile to also note that majority of the jobs here are reliable and not time consuming.

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1. Become a photographer

Photography is one of the most less demanding and lucrative ways to make money as a Nigerian student. Due to technology the difficulty of taking photos has reduced drastically and in fact many phones have a good camera.

There are many memories which people want on photos such as weddings, Child birth and that is why photography is a very lucrative side hustle. Besides there are times that taking a photo with our phones just doesn’t cut it that’s when professional photographers are needed to edit and give nice finishing touches.

It can handled efficiently side by side with your schooling. And all you need is a little training and a camera and you’re ready for the first step.

2. Creat a blog

It was quite obvious that this was going to be here wasn’t it? In this digital age there are so many opportunities just a click away. Blogging is one of them. A blog is an informal site on the internet for disseminating information.

Due to its informal nature a wide range of discussions and experiences can be shared If you’ve got something you love to write about, you can definitely earn extra money—or even launch business on the internet. It is easy to start up and easy to manage and so long as you have valuable content and experiences to share with readers the sky is your limit.

3. Become a Tutor

For those who are more academically sound. They can easily take up tutoring felloe classmates or Juniors for an agreed sum. The time and location can be agreed on mutually, however a word of advice before you tutor someone make sure you are knowledgeable on the subject or else it will be the case of a blind leading the blind.

4. Start Graphics Designing

Any solid business needs a logo and a good design to appeal to consumers. Those with artistic flair can design logos and flyers did others. The best thing about this is that it is self promoting. And so long as your work is good it will promote itself.

5. Buy and Sell Streetwear

Students dig fashion. Wearing designer brands or dressing in current trends is never more important than when you’re at school or Uni. Students are guaranteed to spend their money on the latest wears.

6. Sell Baked goods

Baking is something that will not only earn you money while in school but also outside your school. It is lucrative and less time consuming and that is why i recommend it for students. As a beginner, you can start by baking for free during birthday parties, Matriculation etc. When people get to know that you are really good in what you do, they will come looking for you.

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7. Set up an events and party planning

While I was in the university, I know of a student in my faculty that is popularly called “event planner”. People call him this name because he was responsible for planning all the successful faculty end of the year parties in the whole school. In fact, it got to a point that he started collecting good amount of money for every event he is called to plan.

So you see, event and party planning can also be a good way to make money while in school if you are really good at it.

8. Web Development

This is an invaluable skill in the digital age. Once you have a good command of programming language you can start taking freelance jobs. The striking thing is that, it is not time consuming. It is also lucrative and fascinating too.

9. Host webinars

Students always love attending webiners, especially if they are going to be given certification after attending. The reason is because they see it as a way of building their CV. Conversely, by host webinars on different areas, you can make thousands of money in just few days. But in doing this, I strongly advise that you only host Webinars on things you really know about so that your participants can also enjoy from it as well.

10. Write CVs and Resumes for students

During this current Corona virus pandemic, i know of a particular student who has made up to N50,000 just by writing CVs and Cover latter for students. He is an expert in doing this wo he also receives money to teach his fellow students.

Indeed, it is one of the ways to make money while in school. All you need to do is to tell people about it and prove to them that you are really good in structuring a CV. Trust me, many people will run to you because they don’t know it.

I hope you were enlightened after reading this article. It is important to point out that there are many more ideas out there what’s important is to find one that suits you. And most importantly do not neglect your education because is also an opportunity as well.

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