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How to Hack the New Instagram Reels Algorithm- ACCORDING TO INSTAGRAM

How to hack new instagram reels algorithm
How to hack new instagram reels algorithm

How to hack the new Instagram reel algorithms, New Algorithm is when and how your posts are shown to users on Instagram, I’ll teach you how to master it and get to be on the explore page on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm dictates the hierarchy of the posts that users see when they’re scrolling through their feed. The algorithm is an automated programming feature that websites and social media apps use which follows a specific set of rules to determine who sees what content, how often, and when.

However, platforms like Instagram, Facebook often come up with updates in their working and algorithm, affecting your platform’s audience. The platform has seen tremendous growth ever since its release, but with the recent change in its algorithm, things seem difficult for the creators. But we have a few tips that will help you to hack the Instagram reels algorithm.


Instagram Reels is a (semi) new concept where you can share and discover engaging short videos on Instagram. Like TikTok, the new feature lets you edit 15-second multi-clip videos with various effects and audio to make the result as entertaining as possible. The only limitation is your own imagination.

As of right now, Reels is available in 50 markets globally, including the UK, the US, and Nigeria.

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How does Instagram Reels work?

wanna know how to hack the new Instagram reel algorithms? stay with me!

Eager to give it a go? To create a reel, go into your Instagram stories camera and choose Reels, next to Story and Live. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to use a variety of editing tools like Audio, Effects, Align, and Speed to create seamless clips.

You can record your reels one at a time, all at once, or by choosing uploads from your phone gallery. Ready to get started? Press and hold the capture button to start recording, and you’ll see an indicator at the top of the screen as you record. Share your masterpieces with friends or if you have a public profile, the world.

TIP 1: Create Original content

First things first, do not copy content produced by any other brand or a creator. Trust me when I say this; viewers don’t want to see the same thing on everyone’s account. Try to be creative and open-minded when you are thinking about the reels’ ideas. If you take an idea from an account or a resource and interpret it in your unique way, that would make a difference. But copying someone else’s work and making a few changes here and there won’t work. Your audience is smart enough to recognize the source of the content. 

TIP 2: Be Active and Engage others

The 2021 Instagram algorithm is all about active engagement from followers. What does this mean? The more a person engages with your content (or you engage with their content – presuming they also follow you), the more Instagram will serve your content to that user.

Where can you start? A good place to start is with comments! Comments indicate to Instagram that someone is actively using the platform, and they also keep you top of mind with people that you are interacting with. Not only that, but comments encourage people to visit your page and interact with it. which is exactly what the Instagram algorithm wants to see. The more interaction a post or page receives, the more Instagram puts that account’s content in front of followers. The same thing can be applied to DMs and Story reactions.

TIP 3: Extend the time of your reels

This tip is a cheat most people are not aware of but I can promise you it works 100% and you’ll experience changes in your reels, and there will be a skyrocket in your reels algorithm

How can you get people to stay watching/looking at/reading your content for as long as possible? Utilize videos and Reels which by their nature will keep people looking at your content longer than they would a single image post. Another great idea? Use longer captions on your posts to keep people reading for just a little bit longer! Pro-tip: try sharing anecdotes, letting people know about your featured products and services, sharing helpful tips and advice, or getting personal with your followers.

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