How to Find and Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Use Instagram sticker
Use Instagram sticker

Are you wondering what Instagram stickers are?

Instagram stickers are little elements added to stories to make it more interesting, you can add music, polls, gifs, and many more.

Looking for more information about stickers on Instagram, where to find them, and how to use them?

Instagram Stickers have made the Instagram experience more interactive and fun. And what’s best, all you need is a bit of creativity to use them.

Here is everything you need to know about the Stickers, whether you use Instagram casually or are a power user.

How to Get And Find Stickers

To add stickers on Instagram, you’ll need to open the Stories screen and tap the square smiley icon in the top-right.

Instagram stickers allow you to add special often interactive features to your Instagram Stories. You can add a sticker to invite your Instagram followers to donate to charity, take part in a quiz, listen to music, the countdown to an event, and more. Once added, stickers can be resized and moved to any spot on your Instagram Story.

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