How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

How to become a successful real estate agent in nigeria
How to become a successful real estate agent in nigeria

The realty business is the deal breaker for me!

In Nigeria today, real estate is one particular business people hardly venture into, most people think you need a huge sum of money to venture into real estate.

The real estate business in Nigeria remains one of the most profitable businesses of all time, in fact it’s a business you can start with 0.00Naira, you definitely don’t need an investor to venture into real estate.

let’s look at some major real estate companies in Nigeria that are doing well.

Adronhomes properties, Private properties, Realtor and so many others.

Having said that, In this article, I will disclose everything you need to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria.

What is real estate?

According to Investopedia, real estate includes land and any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man made. Real estate business is divided into different parts namely: residential, industrial, commercial properties etc. 

As we continue, I will disclose some important tips for becoming a successful real estate agent in Nigeria.

How to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria
How to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria

How to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria


1. Get your business registered: This is the first and most important step every body that wishes to become a real estate agent must take. Real estate business is majorly based on trust. You must be able to build trust with your clients if you want them to listen to you. Many people look out for these things when they are searching for places because they don’t want someone to run away with their money.

Consequently, registering your business is a good way to start building that trust. Make sure you keep the certification of recognition in a place where anyone who comes into your office will see it clearly. It will signal to your client that you are professional and ready to deal with them on a professional level.

Doing this will also increase earnings because people can spend more anywhere they find trust. It is a secret that many people don’t know. So whether you are making real estate your major job or side job, you need to register the business. quickly go to CAC website or read my article on how to register a business name in Nigeria here.

2. Create a website: If you know Nigeria very well, you will attest to the fact that Nigerians are moved by the packaging and branding of a business even if the business is valueless. By building a website for your real estate business, you are not only creating awareness for your business. You are also making your business seem more reliable.

A website that has a good user experience will go a long way to make your clients trust you more. Just like I said before, people always want to deal with professionals. Thus, you have to do everything you can to make your business look professional.

3. Master the act of convincing: The truth is that there is no school for real estate agents in Nigeria. However, if you want to be a successful agent, you need to master the art of convincing people. It is very difficult to make good money as a real estate agent if you don’t know how to make people trust your words.

An ideal way to achieve this is to follow those people who are already into the business. Work with them and understand how they build trust. Remember that if you don’t sound convincing, your clients will not trust you. So you have to be deliberate about this one.

4. Make deals with property owners: Being a real estate agent is all about affixing interested buyers with sellers. But if you want to do this, you must be able to give the seller reasons why he/she should accept you as an agent. You have to make an irresistible deal with the seller.

This might be very difficult because most sellers don’t want anybody to become a third party when selling to buyers especially if they don’t see any additional benefit. So, to convince some sellers, you need to show them their benefits too.

The reason why you need to contact the seller is because the buyer can sue you if the business goes wrong. Conversely, in order to run a safe transaction, it is advisable to contact the property owners and make a good deal with them.

5. Make good deals with buyers: When you must have convinced the sellers, you have to convince the buyers too. The truth is that, most Nigerians are skeptical when dealing with real estate agents because of the high records of fraud in the business. In fact, some people prefer to buy or rent properties directly from the owner then to do so through a real estate agent.

This is why it is advisable to build trust first. Don’t make your business look like a hungry business. Yes! You heard me right. I mean, let your clients know that you are operating in a high and open level.

A friend of mine who is also into this business told me that his customers increase considerably when he bought a little car for himself. He usually carry his car whenever he is going for inspection. By doing this, big customers will not see him as a hungry man who is likely to run away with their money.

In fact, it gives them the impression that he is a professional who is also well to do.

In conclusion, you have to promote your business in anyway you can. Open an Instagram and Facebook page and make sure you advertise there often. To become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria you need people to know about you. They can’t find you if you seat down in your room. So make use of every social media you can. Gradually, you will see yourself make thousands of naira from just little capital you started up with.

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