How To Become A Social Media Influencer

social media influencer
how to become a social media influencer


Social media influencer is the new trend and many people are making money daily as social media influencers, with the rising popularity of influencer marketing and brands spending tons of money on it. Becoming a social media influencer isn’t all easy as you think, I’ll be giving tips on how to become a social media influencer and probably in my next post talk about how to make money.

Many brands are seeing big returns from influencer marketing and therefore actively engage social media influencer, as we proceed I need you to understand there is a big difference between ‘A Social Media  Influencer’ and ‘A Brand Influencer’

The main tool of social media is the use of twitter, Instagram, and other social media apps to engage its audience without concentrating on a particular sector.

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A Brand Influencer is, of course, a bigger version and it is definitely possible to move from being a social media influencer to a brand influencer, a brand influencer will be known for a particular sector could be a beauty product, fashion, and lot more

Here are tips on how to become a social media influencer

1.Grow Your Social Media Following:

Your social media pages are your greatest tool and asset, it is the most important part of being a social media influencer, brands won’t pay to just work with anybody they want to see at least 20,000 followers for start, there are various ways to grow your followers (you can book me to take you privately on how to grow your social media pages)

2. Engage your followers: Who are you influencing if your followers don’t engage with your post? lol nobody! I thought so too, you need to engage your followers in other to be able to influence.

3. Learn to post amazing content: Your content defines who you’re and what kind of influencer are you? Do you like talking about X-Rated content then brands as such will approach you while others will stay away from you, your content says a lot you and those you’re influencing

4. Put effort into it and make it a passion: Only a truly passionate and unstoppable attitude will get you from a hobby to a job, I also started out as a hubby I enjoyed being on the internet and engaging others, and my passion earned me my first paycheck.

5. There is no shortcut, learn to act and think fast: If you want a career as an influencer, you need to educate yourself and that is why I’m here for you, I can help you fast track on being a brand influencer, all you need to do is book me to train you professionally.

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