How To Become a First Class Student in the University

How to become a first class student in the university
How to become a first class student in the university

University students often find it difficult to graduate with a first class in the university because it requires a lot of hardwork. Recently, I discovered that many students now see the grade as something that deprives them of their happiness, joy and all the experiences of studying in the university but it is not supposed to be so. First, I do agree with the fact that making a first class in the university requires hard work but I disagree with the fact that it takes away the happiness and joy of schooling.

I have been opportuned to discuss with a lot of first class students and they all said things about their success that isn’t about just hardwok. In this article, we will be looking at some tips to maintain a good life in the university and to be able to balance it with academics. If you are an aspiring university student, this article is for you. I will share with you the things you need to graduate with a first class from the University.

How to become a first class student in the university
How to become a first class student in the university

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How to become a first class student in the university

1. Understand yourself: If you were expecting me to give you some specific rules for becoming a first class student, then I am sorry because that doesn’t work. You have to understand yourself and know what works for you. The fact that you read for 24 hours in school does not mean that you are going to get the best grades. You have to understand what works for you and use it very well.

So, if you are the type of student that love reading at night, then learn to read and night. Alternatively, if you can’t read at night, you shouldn’t do that because you were told that first class students always read at night.

Understanding yourself is the first and most important step for becoming a first class student because it determines how your activities as a student should be streamlined.

Don’t make the mistake of mimicking someone because it might not work. Just understand yourself and utilize every time you have.

2. Plan your success: Well, i am not a believer of coincidental success and I know many first class students are not too. Yes! God has control over who will become a first and who will not, but you have to plan and work.

Set a CGPA plan for yourself. For instance, you can say: in first year, your target is to have a first class with at least 4.8 CGPA. After doing this, work very hard to make sure that you achieve it. Trust me; it is a secret many good students don’t easily disclose.

You have to start planning even before you get to the university. It will help you greatly.

3. Study relentlessly: I can’t also overemphasize the importance of reading. Reading is the key to success in any Nigerian university. As a Nigerian student, you must also understand that Nigerian universities love stressing students unnecessarily so you should prepare for that even before you gain admission.

4. Don’t take your education trivial: If you really want to make good grades in the university, you should never take your education trivial. Whenever you are given an assignment to do, make sure you do it. In fact, if you know anything that will boost your grade, don’t hesitate to do it.

More so, there are obviously some lecturers which you must build specifical relationship with before you can pass their course. For these lectures, you must build that relationship.

Please note that relationship in this sense does not mean sexual relationship. I am actually talking about being friendly and close to your lecturers.

5. Streamline your school activities: During my first year in college, I used to be a popular. I was a member of almost all the fellowships and organizations in school and it gave me a big problem because I was unable to manage my time. After that year, I decided to pick out some useless activities and organizations from my life and it helped a lot. I noticed a great increase in my performance.

This is a very important tip because many students in the university today are not performing well because of the activities and organizations they belong to in school. And I tell you the truth, if you really want to do well as a student, you must create time for yourself.

6. Find a teacher who will become your mentor: My life in the university changed a lot after I got a mentor. He wasn’t just a mentor but a teacher too. He guided me through my stay in the university and taught me a lot of things about Lecturers which I didn’t know originally.

Now you may be asking, “why is it important to have a mentor?” The answers to that question are much but I am just going to tell you one.

A mentor who is also your Lecturer is good because he will sometimes disclose somethings (Like marking scheme, exam requirements etc) about other lecturers which you do not know. This can also go a long way to boost you grade in school.

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Okay! These are just some of the tips to become a first class graduate in Nigeria. Note that the tips I have discussed here are not exhaustive. Though with the few I explained, there is probably nothing that can stop you from making good grades in the university. I therefore enjoin you to make good use of the tips I have shared in this article. Trust me; you will become the best in your class from today.

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