twitter influencer in nigeria
twitter influencer in nigeria

Twitter Influencer In Nigeria- Being a twitter influencer in Nigeria can be very frustrating but following these unique guidelines can put you in a good position to achieve the goal in months.

Who are Twitter Influencers? They are tweeps that make the timeline interesting, they contribute to topics, they act as role models, they are expert in a particular field, they pass information to the public in a way they’ll understand.

As a prospective twitter influencer in Nigeria here are a few tips you must follow:

Maintain a nice profile: Your profile says a lot about you, you need an interesting profile to stand out, as an individual wanting to win the attention of many an interesting profile is all you need, a bio that says a lot about yourself.

Develop a unique style that becomes recognizable and relatable to your followers. They will want to hear from you if they like the way you put things out there. Do not try to copy anybody, be your own self. Always provide a new and different perspective on things and never keep agreeing or disagreeing with others without having something unique and informative to add to it.

The first appearance is very very important. You want someone to come into your page and know who you’re without much thinking. Your profile photo should be good looking, it doesn’t have to be a professional shot, but it does need to be a real, recent picture of you. Your bio is like an essay, “Tell me about yourself” in 180 words, lol small right, but with 180 words you could tell your visitors about your self with little sarcasm and inspire them to stay.

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  1. Questions: from my observations, relatable questions are one of the many funs on twitter. I know how I derive join answering questions on twitter. And so think of your target audience and think of a conversation they’ll care about. Make easy to respond to, you’ll marvel at the amount of response you’ll get.
  2. Relatable: like you’re a lead protester, people that think like you at your back. Now think of your target audience, and think of a way to speak on behalf of all of them, defend them. they will be proud to show your tweet to their friends and followers. And so you’ll earn their retweets.
  3. Life updates: like a reality TV. People what to know what is going on behind the scenes. you ask questions, you conversate on the TL, the next question people ask is who are you?? They what to know you, they what to know, they want to know what kind of life you’re living behind the keyboard. Here you share pictures, your daily experience, your difficulties, your wins & loses. This will earn you their trust.

So how do I gain followers?? Ok

Growing your followers is very very frustrating in the beginning. But dropping contents regularly, rotating them between questions, relatable & life updates. Make sure you’re responding to people in that specific niche you have chosen to be part of. Make sure you’re getting into conversations. It’s going to be very hard because you don’t have the attention, you feel like you’re screaming into an empty room but be patient it’s going to take time but it’s ok, just conversate with people, talk a lot, respond to people.

You can also do follow for follow, or use gain tweets.

Twitter is strictly against the aggressive following, they’ve established adequate rules and punishments to stop the act, so if you’re to do follow for follow you have to be extremely careful. Me? I follow 20 persons per hour to be safe, yes I expect them to follow back. So let’s say 20 persons for 15 hours per day that is 300 followers every day, good right?

And so these are guidelines on how to influence on twitter, it may look simple but me if you’re not consistent it will be hard. consistency is key.

If you’re not yet on twitter you can sign up using this link

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