How to open a business bank account in Nigeria: Using your personal account as the same account for your business is not advisable because there many downsides to that. First and foremost, it sounds unprofessional to do that because customers and client expect you to have your own business account.
The stress, cost and fear of losing a case after sueing someone to court has really detered many Nigerian from doing so. As it stands now, Nigerians don’t like involving themselves in anything that involves court cases because they believe it is a huge financial burden. This is unlike many
How to make money as a Nigerian Student: Money is essential to everyone. Even students who are still studying in school needs money to pay their fees and other bills. This is why many Nigeria students resort to things like Bitcoin and other online investment schemes to make cash for
Research shows that some of the most lucrative ways to make money without going out of your home is through blogging and affiliate marketing. These two online businesses are related and can be done at the same time. Nonetheless, one can decide to do Affiliate marketing and make good money
The realty business is the deal breaker for me! In Nigeria today, real estate is one particular business people hardly venture into, most people think you need a huge sum of money to venture into real estate. The real estate business in Nigeria remains one of the most profitable businesses
If you usually do businesses on the internet, then you must have noticed that almost every business accept PayPal as a payment option. This is so because PayPal is a world wide payment gateway. It is used by millions of people in the internet. The striking thing is that PayPal
With the increasing number of people who love reading online books, there is no doubt that buying and selling Ebooks in Nigeria is lucrative. I personally love reading ebooks with my phone because they are handy and doesn’t make me feel asleep while reading. I know of a particular friend
Bulk SMS business is one of the top 10 businesses you can do without necessarily going out. It is a very lucrative business if you are smart and if you know the ups and downs of the business very well. In fact, I have heard people who testify of how
In Nigeria, marriage can only be ended in two ways namely; (1) by death of one of the partners or (2) by an order of the court. Where it is through an order of the court, it is settled that certain requirements must have been met before going to the
Registering a business name in Nigeria can be very difficult without an explicit explanation of the steps involved. In Nigeria, there are many advantages or reasons why it is necessary to register your business name even before starting the business. One of the most important reasons is the fact that,
In this article I will teach you a few things you don’t know about your Gmail address, you can get an alternate email address Gmail, you can get multiple email addresses from your Gmail. let’s say for instance your Gmail is, you can get multiple email addresses like,
After Facebook, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to advertise on, with more than 500million users. How to advertise on Instagram has always been a question most product owners ask. Instagram has become gained so many users over the years because of its high-quality pictures and videos.
Instagram has become one of my favorite social media platforms, on Instagram, there are various content, videos, and so on.’Spacing in instagram posts- Have you ever experienced not being able to add space to your bio or caption? Hashtags, texts everything becomes inseparable, say NO more. In this article, I
Content is king. That cannot be more true even today in the world on SEO. If you are looking to create amazing contents that get tons of shares and backlinks, then you need to plan your content, do proper research, optimize your content, format properly, dot your I’s and cross
In today’s guide, I am going to show you how to buy and sell Bitcoin on In fact, this is going to be a complete step-by-step guide that even a first timer will be able to buy and sell their Bitcoin on Truexgold fast without any issue. But, before
Facebook Business Management– Are you using facebook business manager yet? if not you should take advantage of this post! In this article, I’ll teach you how to use a business manager in running an advert.  Facebook Business Manager was launched to help manage and organize Facebook pages, ad accounts and Facebook
How to monetize Instagram– I’ll take us a little down the memory lane, a few years back I was in 100 level in the University of Lagos, I have always been a lowkey person so most people didn’t know I was in school, I barely post on my social media
Free radio promotion is very possible in Nigeria- Radio promotion has been a very effective form of marketing one’s product, radio promotion doesn’t have to be only music, most businesses too promote on radio stations because they know how effective it works. ALSO READ:List of websites to convert airtime to
Twitter Influencer In Nigeria- Being a twitter influencer in Nigeria can be very frustrating but following these unique guidelines can put you in a good position to achieve the goal in months. Who are Twitter Influencers? They are tweeps that make the timeline interesting, they contribute to topics, they act
Right brand influencer-How are we coping in this lockdown? I know we are all struggling, we can only pray and stay indoor to avoid spreading this virus, I hope we all stay safe. Let’s get to the business of the day.  influencer marketing seems simple enough., find a social media

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