How to Change your Gmail to an Alternate Email Account

alternate email address Gmail
alternate email address Gmail

In this article I will teach you a few things you don’t know about your Gmail address, you can get an alternate email address Gmail, you can get multiple email addresses from your Gmail.

let’s say for instance your Gmail is, you can get multiple email addresses like,, or you can replace the point(.) with (+) this way all your mails are sent directly to your inbox.

Using this method you get multiple email addresses with one google account all your mails will be delivered in one mail box.

For instance, you want to open a new Instagram and you can’t use your previous Gmail address, you can simply add dots and get multiple addresses to use and all will be delivered to one mailbox.

This is just a Tip i think you might find helpful.

let’s not digress from the mail topic for the day, how you can create an alternate email from your gmail.

let’s dive right in!

Create an alternate email

An alternate email is an additional email address that allows you to login to your google account or you can use to login to your google account.

Creating an alternate email is quite simple, just follow these steps below.

visit :

Click on personal info, then click contact info , and then advanced

Then click on advanced and add alternative email

You’ll be asked to verify its you first.

your alternate email must be a different email service (NOT GMAIL)

You can’t use a gmail account as an alternate email for your gmail account.

Then you can proceed to verify-Google would send a confirmation email to the newly added alternate email.

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