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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Instagram for Your Business in 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of using instagram for your business in 2020
Advantages and disadvantages of using instagram for your business in 2020

Have you tried using instagram as a marketing strategy for your business before? Well, if you haven’t, then you might want to try it out after reading this article. Apparently, instagram is one of the most used social media apps in the world.

According to techgig, it is the 5th most downloaded apps in Google place store. This means that billions of people are active on instagram and that makes it a good place to promote your business.

Nonetheless, there are still some downsides when using instagram for your business.

If you have been using it for your business already, it is also important that you read this article as I am going to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of using instagram for your business.

advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram for your business
advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram for your business

Advantages of using instagram for your business

1. It Gives Consumer A Visual Clarity Of What You Provide:

This is one the most interesting thing about Instagram and the reason why you should try it out. Depending on the type of business you want to promote, instagram can help to increase your customers because people are more likely to be convinced when they see with their eyes.

So let’s say you are selling cars and you want a lot of people to start patronizing you. Instagram is definitely a free place to get started. You can upload photos of your cars and promote it. Trust me, it will not only make your product known, it will also increase your followers because a lot of people love to see good cars.

2. Instagram makes it easier to share your brand’s message:

By getting a lot of followers in your Instagram handle, you can easily pass messages about your business to your customers.

Take for instance, if your business had a new product that your customers are most likely looking for, you can let customers know by just uploading it on that platform.

3. Hashtags makes it easier to reach out to alot of people:

One of the fears that alway deter people from using social medias like Instagram for their business is the fact that they may not be able to reach out to alot of people except they promote their accounts first.

Well, instagram has solve that problem with #Hashtags. Now, even if you don’t have enough followers, if you publish your product with the right Hashtags, you will still get to meet the right people. This can also increase your followers too.

Disadvantages of using Instagram for your business

1. Engagement is high, but conversion is low: This is one of the biggest disadvantage or reason while you should have a second thought about using instagram for your business.

Depending on the type of business you want to promote on instagram, it can be very difficult to get high conversion on that platform. Of course, the engagement will be high because instagram is image oriented.

Nonetheless getting people who will be interested in your business is very hard and that is why you should, first of all, check whether instagram is a good platform for your business. In other words, you must consider whether your products are the kind of products which people on instagram are ready to patronize.

2. Your customers may not be on instagram: So lets say your business deals with the buying and selling of car parts. In this case, it might be useless to open up an Instagram account for your business because your customers are not there.

As you may know, instagram is an expensive social media. Most of the people in that platform fancy luxury so it is easier to get customers if you sell luxurious products too.

3. Instagram doesn’t offer much room for additional content: Because instagram is image oriented, it can be very difficult to get the best out of it, especially if you business needs some convincing text to tell your viewers about it.

Most times, images on instagram carry so much space that even the text that was added to the image will become invisible.

This may not be a problem if the image you are sharing already contain the information, but it is very important to consider it too before starting your business instagram account. It is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the low conversion rate on instagram.

4. Clickable links are not allowed on instagram:

Another problem with Instagram is that it does not support Clickable links on posts. So, if your business has a website that you would want your followers to check out, instagram is not a good option. This does not however mean that you can’t post links on instagram.

Of course, you can post links but they are not Clickable. Readers will have to copy the link and paste it on their browser for it to work. This can be very difficult for some users and it can reduce your conversion rate.

In conclusion, my advice for anyone who is considering starting up a business on instagram is to put a lot of things into consideration. First of all, if the business something that instagram users will patronize? Does you business already have a website? etc.

All these things should be put into consideration before you start one. Lastly, I must let you know that not every business must have an Instagram account. Hope this was helpful!

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