facebook business management
facebook business management

Facebook Business Management– Are you using facebook business manager yet? if not you should take advantage of this post!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to use a business manager in running an advert. 
Facebook Business Manager was launched to help manage and organize Facebook pages, ad accounts and Facebook advertising. It allows you to manage multiple ad accounts, access Facebook settings, and control.
It has more features like allowing you to add and remove other people to a particular ad account, giving access to admin, and managing your billing details and account.
“Business manager also allows you to communicate with clients and team members”

  • STEP 1: Open a Business manager account, log in your email address and password you used to set up your personal Facebook profile. Then enter your business name and email to set up your business manager account, which is your personal profile
  • Step 2: Click on add page, select your Facebook page, and click add page. On the business manager home screen click
    Ad account button
    NOTE – “You can either create a new ad account or use an existing one”
    Once you’ve added an Ad Account you can change the billing information manage team access, add people, you can also link your Instagram account. Click the option to add
  • STEP 3: Install Facebook pixel, although this is optional, but it is necessary, it is a tracking code that allows Facebook to identify who visits your website and then show a custom audience of those visitors to target the right audience.
     To enjoy a full service of facebook business management
    Note: a Facebook pixel is for those advertising a website link.
    Product catalogs
    It helps in uploading a product catalog. A catalog holds information about the items you want to advertise, you can promote the catalog across all platforms.
    “You can combine your custom audience and your catalog to make a better Ad”
  • Step 4: Create your target audience, on your business manager there is an option that allows you to create and save audience.
    Select the audience option, you can create your audience by choosing demographics, certain behavior, and interest, with your saved audience you can create an Ad targeting these audiences.
    Don’t forget your target should be based on your business location so you can choose the right audience.
  • Step 5: Then you open your ad manager
    Create a new campaign
    Choose your campaign objectives, maybe you want brand awareness or conversion.
    Select your saved audience, decide how much you want to spend on running the ad.
    Follow these steps closely and you’re on your way to establish a profitable business, a Facebook ad is a bit complex but you can start with the basics.

Facebook business Management has lots of benefits and makes Facebook Ad easier.

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Most companies use Facebook business manager to Advertise you should use it too.
Tip: On the Chrome web browser you can install a Facebook pixel helper extension, you can see how the pixel is working on other websites and learn to use it.
Would you try running an Ad? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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