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10 Social media post ideas during COVID-19 pandemic

10 social media post ideas during covid-19 pandemic

POST IDEAS COVID-19:10 Social media post ideas during COVID-19 PANDEMIC, for a business owner there is nothing worse than struggling on content to post on your social media, it is quite easy to fall in despair if you’re going to succeed this COVID-19 then you need to stay at the top of your game.

You’re not sure if the world is ending, you’re scared as this is a sensitive time for everyone, should your business suffer the effect of COVID-19? I’ll say NO, regardless of the world ending or not business should continue because when the crisis ends you’ll need things to return back to normal, why wait until this virus goes and not just continue your business like nothing is happening, so here is 10 Social media post ideas during COVID-19 PANDEMIC you also need to maintain and assure your customers that you’re still very much in business

Here are a few post inspiration during COVID-19 pandemic tips to keep your business running and 10 social media posts ideas during COVID-19 Pandemic to keep on being active content that will give your brand the engagement it needs, let’s plan ahead with this 10 social media post ideas.

10 Social media post ideas during COVID-19 PANDEMIC

1.Positive quotes: positive feeling help combat all the negativity on social media, you can never go wrong sharing positivity on social media.

A little encouragement goes a long way

2.Use trendy hashtags: Hashtags are the best and easiest way to grow your followers on major social media platforms, I recommend 3-4 hashtags is enough, hashtags are highly competitive you can easily use the trending ones

e.g #Coronavirus #Stayhome and more

3.Don’t post false information: Don’t under any circumstances post false information, you’re not NCDC you have no business with posting information that are not verified

4.Ask questions: Asking questions is the best way to get engagement on social media, when you ask questions your followers are compelled to respond which drives engagements

You can ask questions like “what do you miss the most from life before coronavirus?”

5.Call to actions: As a business owner you’ve taken certain actions, let your followers know these actions and why they are important.

6.Show behind the scene: Let your customers get a peek on how you run business, what your day-to-day activities, let them get a view on how you run things.

7.Precautions on COVID-19: A reminder doesn’t hurt anyone, social distancing, wearing of face mask, using the hand sanitizer is important, you can remind them of things to avoid COVID-19.

8.Content shouldn’t be sensitive to others pain: Lots of people are currently sensitive, no money, coupled with the fact that we are dealing with a deadly virus, people are going hungry, unemployment, basically we have a lot to be angry about so avoid sensitive topics

9.Don’t post pictures violating the social distancing: The case of popular Nigeria actress funke Akindele breaking the law on social media caused a lot of noise and her fans were not happy with it, avoid such for your business

10.Post helpful COVID-19 tips: number 10 social media ideas is, there is so much information going around, stick to sharing information and tips from credible source.

That’s the 10 Social media post ideas during COVID-19 pandemic, will keep updating more.

I hope you find this useful and come back for more, i’ll be uploading more contents especially concerning social media and influencer marketing for those interested in being a social media influencer, not forgetting the bloggers in the house, as soon as i have my feets well in this blogging thing. i hope to share success story soon

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