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10 Ideas for instagram and facebook live videos

instagram and facebook live video

Instagram and Facebook live video – Everyone is super excited about going live on Instagram and Facebook! Personally I love going live and watching others live videos, In this post, you’ll get ideas for your Facebook and Instagram live video don’t forget “live video attracts new followers” the more live videos you engage in the more audience you’ll get.

Instagram and Facebook live video has its advantage, not just to gain more followers but an opportunity to interact with your new and old audience, they’ll feel more connected to you on live video than in the comment section.

Instagram launched its live video in 2016 and ever since it has made it easy for brand, influencers and their audience to build a relationship.

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1.Live Q&A session with your followers

 know your audience, so that you can share content that offer value and get your followers eager to find out more about you and your brand I call this “followers curiosity” with this followers curiosity you can move them along on your journey.

A live Q&A session will give them the opportunity to know you and engage.

2.Do a mini webinar or training

Before you start a webinar you must be very knowledgeable in the topic you’re about to take them on so you don’t seem lost on the live video

Tip: Create a graphic or artwork prior to this training, you can share it as a post an on your story so your followers can anticipate.

3.Do a live workout session

body goal everybody wants to look like kim kardashian anyways body positivity is a good thing no matter your body size, you can have a live session and exercise with your followers and share body positivity.

4.Share what inspires you

We all love a successful story don’t we? Encouraging others with your story never goes wrong, it motivates those that look up to you and help them understand you more and what inspires you.

It is helpful if you share your actual story and some challenges you faced and how you were able to rise above it all’

5.Run a contest

Giveaway lovers hop on here! But its not really about the giveaway, giving others opportunity to showcase their talent and helping them with your platform as a raising stone, you can attach cash price or other incentive to the talent showcase to encourage them

“The saying killing two birds with one stone”

It fits perfectly well in this situation

6.Do a live unboxing

As a brand or influencer I assume you get products for advertising or your personal use, you can engage your followers by unboxing a product and showing them the content and maybe sharing some knowledge about the product and the use of such product.

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7.Promote an upcoming event and welcome new users

It is important you covert new followers to fans, you have to make them feel welcome, let your followers randomly join the live chat, allow them interact while you tell them about your upcoming event

Your upcoming event can be “Beauty and becoming with witty and friends” this event isn’t for only you, but an opportunity for them to meet you and also meet themselves and officially get acquitted.

8.Interview an industry influencer/artist

Celebrities have millions of followers or thousands, an interview with an influencer or celebrity will drive traffic to your Instagram and facebook live video and will also increase your followers too.

9.Behind the scenes on your activities

Personally, I love show people the process and behind the scenes of my work , its so cool to show people how you work an do what you do ,live videos gives people the opportunity to get more insight on how you work.

10.Offer advice on relationship, marketing, life, etc

I remember there was an Instagram live video I particularly enjoyed, the topic was “is love a decision or a feeling?” we had an interactive live session, people called in myself included and we each gave our opinion and experience, it was very satisfying to learn from others and also share.

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